Sunshine and rainbow cake

I’m feeling a million times better today after a crappy day yesterday!  Thank goodness!

Miss A wasn’t feeling as well this morning so both her and I stayed at home whilst Miss B headed off to swimming with the hubby.  She perked up a bit after a nap so after the intrepid swimmers arrived home, we got ready to head off to a first birthday party at the park just around the corner from where we live.

And as we walked to the park, we marvelled at how lucky we are to live in a place where the winter days are just stunning 99% of the time – and thankfully for today, the weather gods played nice too!

By the time we arrived, we found our group and Master S who was holding court and opening presents.  Miss B was delighted to see that her little BFF was there too so off they scampered to play on the equipment whilst we set up a picnic blanket and settled in.  Master S’ mum and I met in Mums group with our firstborns and we then had our second bubs less than a week apart! So we’re both gearing up for a big birthday month with Miss A’s birthday on Thursday this coming week (as is another #2 bubba from our mum’s group who was born the same day!!).  Miss A’s party will be held on Sunday as I left the planning too late and missed a Saturday date! My work colleague (with whom I shared a hospital room) had her son two days after Miss A and she got the jump on me for her son’s b’day party on the Saturday!

Anyhoo, enough of trying to figure out who’s who in the zoo… the day was a gorgeous day and the kids were loving the park.  It was nice to be out in the sun after feeling so miserable yesterday.  The birthday boy and his big bro worked at opening all of the presents with Miss A supervising, before it was time to have a casual lunch of sausages in bread from the BBQ.



Of course, it’s not a birthday party without a cake so we gathered for the birthday song and tucked into some rainbow cake in the sunshine. Bliss!




Then it was time to walk home… by which time the hubby had also arrived home after running some errands.  We did a few things around the house when the hubby decided he needed to go to Bunnings.  Miss B went with daddy and Miss A went down for a nap. And then mummy discovered an Elvis movie on TV! Woohoo! and so here I am curled up on the couch with the laptop watching/swooning over Mr P and enjoying some quiet time.  Whilst Clambake is not my fave, it has been a long time since there’s been one on TV, and I’m gonna relish every minute of it while I can!!


Did you enjoy a day out in the sunshine today? Are you an Elvis fan like me?


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