I saw the sign

C’mon admit it, when you read this title you immediately had Ace of Base’s I saw the sign pop into your head?  I’m right, right??  Well today the universe drew you to that title, prompted you to click and read on.

Do you believe that? That the universe provides us with signs I mean?  I’m hedging my bets on this one, as I half believe that it does but I’m not convinced that I have the ability to spot them. Or maybe I do.  Maybe signs are simply Baader-Meinhoff at play and I’m simply seeing what I’m putting out into the universe?  Deep for a Wednesday, yeah?

Whatever it is, there have been a few things, call them signs if you will, that have made me stop and take notice. This post from VeggieMama hit my newsfeed today and OMG I get it!!! Patience is not a parenting trait that I possess and my threshold for drama is quite low. I’m a bit of a disciplinarian in the sense that basic respect is the keystone of my parenting philosophy (if you can call it that) and following through on threats made (i.e. you’ll go to bed with no dinner if you don’t stay seated at the table) are crucial – but that’s not what I’m on my soapbox about today.

Today is about recognising the signs.  I’ve mentioned once or twice that things at work are busy and confusing and frustrating at the moment.  Life at home is cluttered and frenetic.  Time to commit to things that I want to do is close to non-existent, or if I manage to scrape some together the trade off is sleep, which bites me in the arse the following day because I’m tired and have my cranky pants on. Yes, my part of the world is a busy place at the moment and the need to maintain the balance is a hard master to serve.

VeggieMama’s post highlighted how the little everyday things can compound to a point where suddenly you’re on the edge of the precipice.  I get it!  Not that I think I’m at that point yet, but some days I’m pretty sure that I’m close enough that if I peer over I can see the ravine below.  Since starting back at work I can see the change in my attitude as my energy drains each day.  I feel the cogs in my brain straining at the load that is put upon it day after day; across work, and the girls and my writing and the future. It churns ALL. DAY. LONG.

But the need and want for something more, that is just for me and me alone is so powerful that it frustrates the shit out of me.  Because I can’t translate that into action.  There is simply not enough hours in the day to do it all. And that’s the problem.

I picked up the girls from childcare this afternoon and Miss B was reading the Tortoise and the Hare.  Coincidence? Slow and steady wins the race…

Another of these recent signs is not one, not two, but three of my friends who have been supporting me in my woeful lament of late have all commented about the idea of going into business together.  Stripping back from the corporate framework that is frustrating the crap out of all of us and do something for ourselves? Three separate comments in the space of the week… is that a sign?

A girlfriend of mine introduced me to a blog/magazine called the Renegade Collective – we are a collection of game changers, rule breakers, thought leaders and style makers with a common appetite for challenging the status quo it stated in the About me section – OMG, they speak my language!!! That’s how I see myself… in my own head. Sure that is a freaking sign, yeah?

As I draft this post, I took a pause and turned my attention to the train wreck which is Life on the Dole on the TV and I tuned into the words “Don’t let it get you down, you’re better than that”.  Another sign?????????

Well, if you did believe in signs, I reckon that these serendipitous coincidences are telling me to MAKE IT HAPPEN WOMAN wouldn’t you say?

And at 10.45pm, I’m confident that it’s a sign that I go to bed – I was up til 1am last night writing and my mind has turned to mush!

But before I go, you didn’t expect that I’d sign off without sharing this did you?

Do you believe that the universe sends us signs? How do you go about spotting them?



5 thoughts on “I saw the sign

  1. Ah, I’m almost relieved to find someone we don’t completely agree on, because our connection was getting a little much! I joke. Mostly.

    I don’t believe that the universe sends signs, but I do believe that we recognize signs and patterns that we’re seeking. I believe that observations can elicit insights, and if we call that “a sign”, I’m fine wth that. I had a pretty profound insight into myself recently that came from a TV show I had on in the background. I might have watched it at some other time and had no such insight. Or perhaps the insight would have struck regardless.

    Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday!


    1. Ha ha!! I think this is a great way of looking at it. In fact it closely ties in to Baader-Meinhoff which is where I am. You see because you seek, either consciously or subconsciously! A similar line of thought after all! Eeek!


  2. Nice post. Maybe it’s not about whether we see the signs or who they are from … but what we are going to DO with those signs ??? A sign without action is just a sign ignored, a sign that starts us on a journey is a sign-post we’ve decided to follow. Enjoy the journey Nardia!!!


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