Brick walls

I’ve been struggling this week.

Struggling at the constant hammering that is going on inside my head.

Struggling because I can’t seem to do the do and create actions from the dialogue that runs rampant in my brain 24/7.

Miss A has hand, foot and mouth at the moment so I’m banished to the house until it clears up and whilst there was certainly an opportunity to take advantage of a week at home I can’t seem to focus on one thing.

Over the past three days, I could have cleaned the house top to bottom, gotten on top of Clothes Mountain that threatens to consumer our Master Bedroom or cooked a week’s worth of dinners. But I haven’t.

I could have written a thousand words, gone for a run, filed the pile of papers that need to be filed.  But, nope, haven’t done that either.  I seem to be doing the little things that are easy to tick off but don’t seem to be getting me anywhere.  It’s exhausting.

But, if I get over myself for a minute and be brutally honest, it’s really just laziness isn’t it? I think having a few days at home has caused me to hit a brick wall after a couple of big months at work and a few bouts of illnesses within the family and I have a severe case of the CBFs. Normally, if I was having to take a sick day, I would be working as much as I can from home to keep on top of things but this past three days I decided that it can wait.

But wallowing, whilst restorative for a little while, can’t last forever and I can see that I need a good, solid day for regrouping and starting afresh.  So tomorrow is that day.  Once I drop Miss B off to childcare, I will do a house clean, sort through the filing and prioritise what’s next.

And take some time to stop and still my mind.

Until then, it’s time for a long hot shower and a relatively early night! G’night!

Do you ever find yourself struggling? How do you regroup when you become overwhelmed or off-track?



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