We have officially become the 13th confirmed case of hand, foot and mouth at our child care centre which means Miss A stays at home and we get to have some bubba/Mummy bonding time this week.

This morning the hubby got up and headed off to work, taking Miss B to child care on the way, leaving Miss A and I to enjoy a lazy sleep in.  We both lolled around until mid morning before we got up, had some breakfast and headed into work to pick up a few files that I could work on from home.

By mid-afternoon, we arrived home and I faffed about, achieving very little and wondering what we would have for dinner before we headed off to pick up Miss B late afternoon.  Then I remembered we had a whole bench full of these:



Left over bread and bread rolls from a community BBQ we had yesterday that was sneakily stuffed into one of my boxes whilst packing up yesterday.  I need to find someone who has some chickens to give it away to – actually, now that I’ve typed that, Mrs Mone has chickens… I’ll drop them off to her!  Anyway, I digress.

So with all this bread I thought perhaps French Toast would be something different (and easy) for dinner.  Miss B was excited couldn’t wait to help dip the egg into the bread and so French Toast it was.

Four eggs and 1/3 cup of milk mixed together – check.
Soak the bread and put in fry pan – check
Put on plate, smother in maple syrup and sprinkle with icing sugar (just a tiny little bit) – check.
And a bit of bacon for Miss B and I – check.

Brinner is served!

french toast


I’m a big fan of breakfast for dinner aka Brinner and have been doing so since the days of Uni when eggs on toast was served up many a time for dinner! But this is the first time I’ve ever had French Toast for dinner.  Living on the edge – that’s me!


What was your inspiration for dinner this evening? Do you ever serve up breakfast for dinner in your house?


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