I have no willpower (or how to ruin the finale of Revenge)

I love Facebook and twitter and Instagram. In fact, I’m a fan of social media in general except for when a big fat SPOILER pops up in my newsfeed!

Many of you would already be aware that I’m more than slightly obsessed with Revenge and that the upcoming finale is going to be a black moment in my life (yes, slightly melodramatic but hey, it’s my blog so I can be as dramatic as I like).

Today, at a glance I saw this article pop up in my newsfeed, straight from the US.  A recap of the finale… I wanted to restrain myself but I couldn’t. I had to click.

And despite feeling guilty, I read a few more lines.  Victoria dies!

I read some more. There is huge bloodshed! I avert my eyes, kinda.

David dies too! I go to click the cross in the top right hand corner to shut it down… Jack and Amanda/Emily get married!

Arggghhh!!!! STOP STOP STOP!

I know too much! So here we are at 10.45pm and I have just pressed play.  Amanda/Emily and Jack are FINALLY getting it on and I really should be giving them my undivided attention.

I’m excited and anxious about what is to come.

I’m very aware of how pathetic I am.

So farewell Revenge, farewell. I hope you live up to my very high expectations.


Have you seen the finale of Revenge yet? Are you over hearing my ramblings about a TV show??

PS. Oh, it all fell a bit flat – I knew too much and there are so many gaps. Like why did Louise change her mind? How did Amanda get away with it? Where did the new puppy and Carl Jr stay when they went away on the boat? I’m now watching it again!


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