A measure of performance

I’m in procrastination mode this evening.  Kids are in bed, kitchen is clean, mind numbing TV is making noise in the background.  But what isn’t happening tonight however is the preparation work that I should be doing for my upcoming performance review.

I’m actually one of those people who quite enjoy this time of year.  Mainly as it’s the opportunity to give myself a pat on the back for work that I think I’ve done a good job at for the year (yes, I’m a bit narcissistic like that and if I don’t do it, who will?!)

I still have heaps of pages of templates to complete and it’s coming back to me just how time consuming the process is!!  Definitely one that I should have gotten onto earlier than I have, which ironically is not very demonstrative of good time management is it!

So I’d better get cracking! I promised my managers PA that I’d have it to her before she got to work in the morning!

Do you always leave things like performance reviews to the last minute? Or do you make promises you probably shouldn’t and then have to move heaven and earth to deliver them on time?!!!




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