Cheese toasties

Yup, it’s been one of those nights.  Late afternoon meeting resulting in late childcare pickup causing the evening routine to  explode into hyperdrive.

Thank goodness my childcare centre serves up copious amounts of fruit and a good balanced lunch everyday.  Makes it a little easier to forgive myself when the best I can muster up is cheese toasties all round.

Bon appétit


What did you have for dinner tonight? Do you have an easy go to meal that you use when you CBF’d?


3 thoughts on “Cheese toasties

      1. Its a perfect solution usually! Butvshes away at the moment, has been for 6 weeks! Still, good MIL that she us, she made and froze many mini pots of child friendly curry for my kids! So if nothing else, at least the kids won’t starve… Or end up eating junk food… Unless they really want it!!! 😀

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