The coolest chicks I know

I’m very fortunate to have some pretty awesome chicks in my life.

Today, I had to drive home from where we were staying for our holiday to attend a senior management meeting. Given I was coming home, I scheduled in a catch up with two fabulous girlfriends for dinner and a few drinks.  We talk about all the things that gals typically do.  A lot about work, a bit about life, definitely a heap of randomness.  And it was fabulous!

And now, having just walked in the door, after three bottles of wine, a tequila shot and several gin and tonics I’m definitely ready for bed, but I just wanted to sit and think about how awesome it is to have such fabulous girlfriends in my life!

There was lots of wine, awesome food, birthday cake and great company!  What more can a girl ask for!??






When was the last time you went out with your closest girlfriends? What is your drink of choice when you hit the town?


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