It’s started already

I was hoping that I wouldn’t arrive at this position this soon, but alas here I am about to put in a couple of hours of work this evening.  I had made a promise to myself before I went back to work (having worked 18 hour days prior to the start of my last maternity leave), that I would not make the mistake of putting in so much effort.  Especially when it’s not apparent that it is appreciated.

But, as I’m now doing the work of three people, I’m struggling to get some of the important thinking I need to get done throughout the day as I’m too busy troubleshooting and catching up on outstanding tasks.

So it’s short and sweet for tonight.  I really don’t want to compromise the quality of this blog.  In fact it’s been playing on my mind for the past week.  There was a very clear agenda and I feel as though I’m not keeping up to my end of the bargain.  But I also know that until I get through some of the major upheaval that’s been going on at the moment, I need to also preserve my sanity.  So if short and sweet is all I can commit, then I’m grateful that I’m still sticking with it and doing that!

Has anyone found themselves bombarded by unexpected change lately? Any tips for trying to juggle deadlines and spot fires at work?


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