The long and (not so) windy road

So most of my afternoon has been spent staring down this white line again…


But we finally made it home! It’s taken us eight hours, a couple of stops (including a brief catch up with a couple of fabulous friends) and dinner in a dodgy roadside cafe before we got here and in spite of having The Beatle’s long and windy road playing in my head the majority of the way, we finally made it!

We’ve managed to get Miss A into bed easily, and are still working on Miss B, but in between getting her back into bed we’re both bumming out on the couch, taking five minutes to just sit.

So as far as I’m concerned the mess in the car can stay there until the morning. We’re lucky enough to have a public holiday tomorrow so we can worry about getting life back under control then!

And now the shower is now calling my name, so I’ll leave you with this:

Do you ever just leave the mess in the car after getting home after a long day driving? Ever get a song stuck in your head for hours and hours and hours?


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