Headspins and ticklefests

Well I said that I would have to hit the ground running and I’m pretty sure I ran a marathon today! My head is spinning already and it’s only day one! I am bleary eyed, brain dead and definitely knackered but I suspect like any muscle, it’s going to take some training to get up to match fitness! But, on the whole I made it through the day relatively unscathed.

There’s probably something to be said here about kids tuning into impending change because Miss A was up at 4.30am!!! This is from a bubba who ordinarily doesn’t make a sound when she wakes up.  Anyway, she made sure I didn’t press snooze on that alarm so I turned on the cartoons to keep her occupied (yes, judge away if you must, but it works for us, especially when I’m on my own all week) and went about the morning routine.  Given the lead time, I even straightened my hair (which I don’t normally bother with, but I thought I’d make a good first impression back – no, no one noticed).  After leaving it until 6am to wake Miss B up, we get ourselves organised and chilled out for some cuddles on the couch whilst watching cartoons until it was time to leave.  Miss B then told me to take a photo, so here we are at out 6.40am best:


A few technical issues kickstarted my morning (which from memory happened when I came back from maternity leave the first time around) and then it was straight into meetings.  At about 12noon I hit a wall but thanks to my newly discovered yerba mate tea, I was bouncing right back in no time (in anticipation of hitting some massive brick walls, I went to our local tea shop looking for an ‘energising tea’ to ensure I didn’t end up resorting to caffeine and yerba mate tea was what I ended up with, anyone else heard of it before?).


The rest of the day was spent in meetings and catching up on what had been happening since I’ve been away (not a lot as it turns out), and now here we are – day one down!

The girls were tired by the time we got home so it was dinner, bath, books and bed.  We put Miss A to bed straight after her bath given she could barely keep her eyes open and sat on Miss B’s bed for some stories and and tickles.  A fabulous end to a very long day!


Miss B has just stopped chatting away to herself so I’m going to assume that she’s drifted off to sleep – only 20 mins after lights out. WINNING! So I’m going to get myself some dinner, tidy up the kitchen and get the girls bags ready so we can do it all again tomorrow!

Is there anything better than bedtime cuddles after a long day? Has anyone out there tried yerba mate tea?

EDIT: Of course Miss B didn’t go to bed in 20mins… we just hit the one hour mark of bedtime resistance and still going!


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