All the LOLz

So I saw this on social media this morning.


Awesome right? I suspect a few people would have cast a confused glance my way while I was out and about today because twice I found myself thinking about this and grinning like a loon.

So today, given that it’s a #thankfulthursday kinda day, I thought convey my appreciation for all the witty, clever, funny and genius people that exist in the world that have an amazing ability to connect the most random of dots and as a result make people like me smile.  Whenever I’m having a shitty day, I usually go to youtube and I’m sure to find something to make me smile.  And then there are celebrities, like John Travolta, who then take things to a whole other level. Thank you internet!

So here are a just a couple more of the things that have made me smile recently!




And my all time fave:

Yes, it’s the little things people, the little things… happy chuckling!

Do you ever stop to think how lucky we are to have this thing called the internet? Care to share you’re favourite internet funny?



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