Uh oh…

So my mums group dinner last night cost me nearly $600!!!

$60 for dinner and $500 in insurance excess because of this:


No, this is not my car.  This is Mrs Mone’s car.  Yes, I was the one that hit it.

Mrs Mone was doing me a huge favour and had come over to watch the girls, covering the gap between me leaving for my mums group dinner and the hubby arriving home from work.  I don’t know how I did it. I just didn’t see it!  I don’t know whether it was because I was running late or because both girls were a little bit under the weather and I was trying to deal with all of that before I left. But needless to say I will be dealing with insurance paperwork come Monday morning.

After the initial shock, I found myself laughing out loud and saying to myself well looks like we’re even now, before heading inside to let Mrs Mone know… you see, the first time Mrs Mone and I met nearly six years ago, her hubby backed into my car.  Funny how the universe works isn’t it!

As for my car? Well, it came away relatively unscathed as big-arsed Prados with bull bars are wont to do:


SORRY Mrs Mone!!!

How is your weekend going? Ever accidentally back into a friend’s car?


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