Have my cake and eat it too

Hands down the best thing about being on maternity leave (aside from spending time with my darling children of course) is catching up with my mummy friends for coffee and cake.  Even in the new year, filled with resolutions and good intentions, there seems to be an unspoken rule between the mothers that I know which dictate that coffee and cake consumed in the bosom of motherhood contains zero calories and therefore is not considered in breech of any fitness or health aspirations for 2015.  Which suits me just fine!  Resolutions were never my forte anyway, especially ones around diet and exercise.

I’m fortunate to know a lot of young mothers and luckily for me I’ve found myself in an amazing mother’s group.  Ten like-minded woman in similar stages of life, bonded together by ten of the coolest little kids I know.  Seven of us have now had our second bubbas (and another is on the way), and even after nearly 3 years we’re still a pretty tight-knit little group (which can’t be said for some of my friends mother’s groups who have fragmented and splintered over time).  Although many of us probably wouldn’t be friends had we met outside of motherhood, we’ve created an environment whereby we can celebrate the milestones as our babies get older, and vent and overshare when the situation requires it.  And much of that involves coffee and cake!

In addition to my mums’ group, I’m fortunate to share this round of maternity leave with several colleagues from work.  Turns out the water at our workplace is contaminated with super fertility powers (or so rumour has it) and four of us from one branch are currently on leave.  Which definitely broadens the scope for social opportunities immensely!

So today, after an extended break over the festive season, I caught up with one of my favourite yummy mummies with whom I spent the afternoon eating cake and drinking coffee; sharing tales of the holidays and gossip from the workplace.  Our two bubbas played together on the floor (Miss B was in childcare today) and we enjoyed the afternoon like we didn’t have a care in the world.  We talked baby food and upcoming camping adventures, dodgy christmas presents and the high cost of childcare and before we knew it, three hours had passed and it was time to pick up Miss B.

And now, sitting here tapping out this post, I realise that these days will soon be over and the daily grind will be upon me once again.  I have six weeks left to enjoy my maternity leave, 48 days to be exact to take advantage of this time to spend with my girls before our lives become a blur of early mornings and evening routines.  So I’m going to cherish every opportunity to get my gal pals together with our bubbas and drink coffee and eat cake.  I’m going to take up the offers of playdates and park trips and catch ups and enjoy them whilst I still have the opportunity to do so.  After all, how many opportunities does one have in life to have their cake and eat it too?


Do you have a group of friends that keep you sane? What’s your favourite cake? (Mine’s hummingbird if you’re asking!)


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