It’s Monday again?

Already?? Wasn't it just Friday? I hate how the weekends go by so quickly! And as we scream towards the end of the year, I feel as though the week is upon me before I've even finished it! Oh well, at least I can look upon this pic that I took yesterday and chuckle! Happy …

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Is it Monday again already?

Can someone please put on the brakes and slow this year down! Please! I can not believe that it's Monday evening already.  Too much to do and huge deadlines to meet this week and they are looming like an out of control freight train! But all I need to do it get through this week …

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Starting the week right

Miss B in bed without complete meltdown drama - check Dinner made for tomorrow night so all I have to do is reheat - sure is Clothes in bathroom ready for morning - yes ma'am Meditation both AM and PM - completed Christmas lists started - yup 500 words contributed to current manuscript - that would be affirmative …

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