This morning I cried

Because I've never been one to apply a gloss to what I write or make my life appear like a well-styled, impeccably filtered Instagram feed, I'm gonna fess up to the fact that I may have shed a tear or two this morning.  Ok, there was no may about it, this morning whilst washing up …

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Admit One: Griefworld

Today my hubby had some bad news. The mum of some of his very close childhood friends passed away in her sleep last night. She was still fairly young, in her mid 60's. It was sometime early afternoon that he managed to get a hold of me, in between meetings, to tell me what had …

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Happy birthday Mum

Dear Mum Did you know that I find your birthday the most hardest of all the days to deal with?  Not the anniversary of your death, or the many annual holiday dates that have passed since then.  Not Mother's Day, although since becoming a mother I have found it is much more bittersweet. Not even my own …

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